Learn How To Make Millions From Apparently Impossible Ideas

Chapter 1 - Live The Dream

Chapter 2 - Star In Your Own Soap Opera

Chapter 3 - Critics Who Count

Chapter 4 - Making Million Pound Ideas

Chapter 5 - Find Funding

Chapter 6 - Know Your Ends From Your Means

Chapter 7 - Brand & Reputation Matters

Chapter 8 - Creating A Powerful Culture

Chapter 9 - Leadership & The Edge Of Reason

Chapters 10 - 12 - Risk, Teams & Other Powerful Stuff

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‘I wish I’d had this book when I was
starting out, and I’m glad I have it now’
Richard Reed,
Co –founder, Innocent Drinks

Have you ever wondered if there’s a formula for making millions, a best
kept secret in business, or a fundamental trait which makes a great e

With Mike Harris at the helm, Find your Light bulb answers all these questions
and more – helping you harness your ability to make millions from nothing more
than a simple idea.

It combines Harris’ years of invaluable experience from the front-line of big business, as well as exclusive ‘I wish I’d known’ advice from leaders in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.  So whether you’re stuck on finding an idea, getting funding, or creating a brand, this guide will help you on your way to success, fixing the odds in your favour.

If ever you needed a reason to take charge of your future this is it!

Mike Harris on Find Your Lightbulb

‘I’ve interviewed more than thirty entrepreneurs and innovators on both sides of the Atlantic. I’ve studied great entrepreneurial successes such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Virgin and Dyson.  I’ve looked at some of the UK’s recent success stories like Innocent Drinks and Glasses Direct.  I’ve researched companies of all sizes. In all instances these success stories are united by one thing: somebody out there was determined to turn their big idea into a reality, despite being told by the experts it would never work.

‘So I’ve taken this collective wisdom together with my own experience and boiled it down into a practical, step-by-step guide illustrated with examples, case studies and quotes.
‘It’s a book which almost anyone can use to find their own light bulb – to discover an idea worth millions and make it happen.’

Chapter 1 – Living the dream

How to stop dreaming and turn your business dreams into a reality. Your very first step is to infect others with your own enthusiasm for your idea.

Chapter 2- Star in your own soap opera

Discover the power of aiming for apparently impossible challenges and learn how to create a Bold and Inspiring Future goal which acts as a guiding star for you and your company.

Chapter 3- Critics who count

Learn why “That will never work,” precipitates the majority of powerful new ideas, and why paradoxically, the list of reasons why  something will never work often turns out to be an incredibly priceless design resource.

Chapter 4- Making million pound ideas

How to use  customer insight to generate ideas which meet a real customer need and turn them into powerful, profitable products and services.

Chapter 5- Getting Funded

How to find people who will invest in your idea, produce a winning business plan and design a dazzling pitch.

Chapter 6- Ends and Means

Discover the distinction between your ends and means and why it’s the key to your success. How to form and implement an action plan which guarantees results no matter how many times you’re knocked off course or decide on a change of direction.

Chapter 7- Brand Matters

Discover the overwhelming power of brand and reputation and why it’s one of the most valuable assets any company can build.

Chapter 8- Creating a powerful culture

How to establish the creative, rewarding working culture you really need in the early days of a new company and why this can create a long-term competitive advantage and continuous success.

Chapter 9- Leadership and the edge of reason

How to apply the fundamental principles of great leadership to the creation of a new idea and retain your sanity at the toughest of times.

Chapter 10- Smart Risks

Discover how to assess the key risks in your plan, take ‘smart risks,’ and deal with the unavoidable ‘bet the company’ decisions.

Chapter 11- Hot Teams

How to build a team of committed talented people who will do whatever it takes to succeed.

Chapter 12 – Powerful Stuff

A concise, step-by-step guide which shows you how to turn your big idea into a million-pound reality (using Garlik’s trajectory to illustrate each principle in action.)


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