High Performance Master Class

The next Master Class is on 12th October 2012 at the University of London Union, Malet Street WC1E7HY London United Kingdom from 1pm to 5pm. You can book tickets at www.amiando.com/hpl4.

The High Performance Master Classes are built on Mike’s 40 years of business leadership. During this time he created Firstdirect, Egg and Garlik , led Mercury Communications through unprecedented growth and mentored business people ranging from  public company CEOs to  early stage entrepreneurs.

The Master Class uses his experience distilled and simplified so it is easy to understand and use, but keeps all of its power. This four hour workshop will dramatically increase the speed and resilience of your business in getting results whatever the circumstances you are facing.


-Get 4 hours of insight and coaching about high performance leadership; that is getting results with resilience and speed
-Get a new perspective on why some people are more effective than others at getting things done
-Get tools that are effective and usable immediately;it’s taken Mike 40 years to make them this simple without losing any power
-Work on current issues facing your business:
. on the court coaching from Mike during the workshop
. produce an acceleration plan for your business during the workshop

- High Performance toolkit to take away with you, containing processes to deal effectively with almost any issue you are likely to face

What Participants  Say

“Your last slide gave me goose bumps and made me really excited about somehow being involved in what you are about to do.”

“Woke up this morning feeling like a loaded gun! The best thing that I got from last was the idea of focus and attention in business being very similar to that required in sports”

“Thank you for one of the most important evenings I have ever spent – SO much material – and oh, SO simple,  BUT ….. delivered and shared from that place of deep and extensive professional experience…..I was just hungry for more!”

“Incredible session. The biggest thing I got from the day was MASSIVE clarity! Really looking forward to taking action”

“Mega session thank you Mike, you’re advice is always amazingly insightful. I’m inspired. Thank you.

“Thank You  for the coaching session on Tuesday, particularly for sharing my favourite type of tools; simple and powerful when applied”

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