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Iconic Customer Service – the role of the leader

Customer is king is a mantra that has served many businesses well including Firstdirect and Egg but how to you line a whole organisation up behind a commitment to truly iconic customer service?

“Many thanks to you for your valuable input to us and for inspiring our team”

- Christina King, Generali

High Performance Leadership

How do you unleash peoples’ energy, creativity and commitment whilst at the same time being rigorous about managing to stretching and at times breakthrough performance goals? A challenge that I took on at Firstdirect, Mercury and Egg and I learned a lot! Lessons I now apply to every business I work with from corporate giants to small business owners and everything in between.

“Mike completely changed the atmosphere of the room – he was inspiring and the round of applause at the end of his talk was heartfelt. We can all learn from him”

- Monica Gibbs, BT Wholesale

“I wanted to thank you on behalf of myself and the whole team for the very stimulating and inspirational presentation, and conversation over dinner last Thursday evening”

- Paul Wilgloss, M and S

“You judged the audience perfectly and gave them exactly what they’d come for.

- Ed Hardy, Bacon Club

Game Changers

A game changer harnesses societal , technological or regulatory change to come up with a revolutionary idea which transforms an entire industry or indeed many industries.
Game changers tend to be unknown at the time they first burst on the scene.

This speech looks at the key principles successful game changers apply using examples from people I have spoken to like Gates, Jobs, Branson, Berners-Lee ; my own experience with Firstdirect, Mercury and Egg and my current experience of mentoring potential game changers in several different industries. I show how anyone can be a game changer and how any player in any industry is likely to have to cope with several game changing ideas in the next decade.

“You managed very easily to bridge the age range from my grads to the more cynical and gnarled consultants with consummate ease and keeping them enthralled all the way. You gave us an excellent insight into what the future of technology and at the same time threaded in the implications on Thomsons throughout.”

-Michael Whitfield , CEO Thomsons

“Mike was fantastic. I loved the theme that he kept from the beginning right though to the end about change and doing things differently”

-Dionne Aiken, Telehouse

Implementing Innovation

How organisations can create an environment rich in new ideas and successful innovations despite financial, organisational and IT barriers. I take a look at this from two perspectives. Firstly ,from that of someone given responsibility to create an innovation initiative in a large organisation where I draw on my experience of Chairman of the Innovation Board at RBS (2005-2009) and work I did at the Sloan Business School, MIT (1996-2008). Secondly, I look at the issue from the perspective of a CEO who wants his or her organisation to be more innovative or keep it innovative as it grows – drawing on my experiences at Mercury and Egg.

“Mike has led many seminars at MIT and his descriptions of where breakthrough innovations come from are brilliant.”

-Henry Birdseye Weil, MIT Sloan School

“I just want to say thank you for a fantastic session yesterday. The O2 guys found it very, very inspiring and are having a Mike Harris feedback slot at their mega work shop today.”

-Nick Cross, The Foundation

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