Speaking Work :

  • Formal  keynote speeches at  conferences (usually 45-60 mins plus Q and A) ,

  • Or more informally over a breakfast,  lunch or dinner involving customers, corporate teams or both.

  • Extended Q and A, and discussion  sessions  if required.

Keynote Speaking Details

“…an extraordinarily stimulating, creative and entertaining speaker.”

- Henry Birdseye Weil – MIT Sloan School of Management

I asked Mike to give a talk and then lead a discussion as part of a workshop for a group of senior leaders within a major corporate client. We needed someone who had both an amazing personal track record and could speak well to an audience who we knew would reach for their Blackberries if they weren’t riveted.

Mike was brilliant. He was engaging, insightful, funny, punchy and straightforward. He was clear without over-simplifying. He held the audience’s attention from the first minute until the last. He answered questions humbly and openly, and generated enough respect that experienced leaders were happy to ask for his advice. I really think he is one of only a handful of people in the country that could have pulled this off. It’s a pleasure to recommend him.”

- Daniel Kirk, Strategy and Innovation Consultant

Keynote Speaking Details
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