Half, full day or two day workshops led by Mike and supported by professionals skilled in Marketing, PR and verbal and written communication are available as follows:

Innovation – from Mystery to Mastery in 8 hours

A workshop for leadership teams aimed at transforming a company’s ability to generate and implement hot ideas- ideas which rapidly create new value by driving growth, customer engagement and competitive firepower. The workshop itself usually generates at least 10 hot ideas and a plan to put them into action as well as giving the company the ability to do that themselves in the future. Download the brochure

Becoming Iconic

Becoming iconic means becoming a symbol of excellence to which others aspire, with customers who become evangelists and advocates

In these sessions I tell people to think about their business or idea as though it were an iconic brand – you don’t need to be a Virgin or an Apple to create a mission or brand promise which shapes every single action you take and gets you out of bed every morning fired up. That’s the primary characteristic of an iconic brand – a mission that emotionally engages both customers and employees and becomes the centre piece of the delivery of a brand experience which is infectious, addictive and irresistible.

We do this by engaging in three deceptively simple questions about the business, what it’s up to and and what it wants to be known for.

Following that we introduce a process which allows us to begin implementation of the experience and reputation we have designed. This process can be used regularly in the business after the workshop to continuously generate new ideas for taking the business towards iconic status. Download the brochure

The Perfect Pitch

The fundamental skill of all successful business people is the ability to pitch an idea so that others get it immediately

A perfect pitch is a great answer to the question “what do you do” or “what business are you in”; a perfect pitch is delivered in about 90 seconds, with clarity, credibility and an enrolling enthusiasm. It can easily be expanded to longer pitches, verbal or written. Done well it knocks peoples’ socks off and powers up a business or idea like nothing else. Download the brochure
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The Perfect Pitch Elite

A 2 day workshop, with 8 weeks between the first day and the second and with support in between and after the workshop days . The workshop covers elements of the becoming iconic material as well as intensive and advanced work on perfect pitch. The workshop is normally attended by corporate executives, business owners and entrepreneurs from several different organisations. There is a maximum of 10 participants. Download the brochure

High Performance Leadership

A high performance leader achieves his or her goals at a speed and with an ease which others admire

This workshop introduces the key principles of high performance leadership and then applies them practically to the most important goals a company has on their plate right now. This precise format of this workshop is tailored to the needs of an individual client.
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